Our factory is a state of the art facility in Leytonstone, East London.

Health, safety and cleanliness are high priorities for us.

The complex consists of a machining area,  plus five other spaces

offering separate spaces for other particular functions.


The machining area is attractive and brightly lit. The machine tables are laid out in a way that facilitates social interaction between our staff members which also allows for working in smaller teams. We have a wide range of machines at our disposal. (See machinery list below)


One separate space is used as a pressing and final completion room. Full steam is available for our Hoffman presser, several underpressers and an air compressor.


A second separate space contains two (ten metre) cutting tables and also cupboards for pattern storage. It also houses our large fusing machine.


Another separate space provides us with ample storage space for customers fabrics and also provides us with dispatch facilities. This area has a double door for vehicular delivery and collection.

Yet another separate space is dedicated as a Staff Room with full kitchen facilities. It is available to our staff for their use during lunch hour and other work breaks.

  • In addition we have a smaller office area.
  • Both men`s and women`s toilets are provided.
  • In all, the factory has a working space of 9000 square feet.


Industrial sewing machines • Brother button sewer • Safety machine reliant • Eastman cutting machine • Blue streak II • Reece 47 • Pressing units • Under pressing tables • Square table • Suzi-tac • Whipping machine • Deluxe button sewer • Laying-up machine • Hoffman presser • Air compressor • Reece 101 button hole machines • Rolls Royce American felling machines • Pocket machine • Pressure stud machine • Bar-Tuck machines • Zig-zag machine • Fusing machine •Bar tack machine • Four-thread overlockers • Five-thread overlockers • Super overlockers • Cover stitch machine • Binding cutter • Chain stitch • Sleeve head • Jeans Stud • Feed of the Arm • Jet Pocket • Jig machine • Jeans belt loop • Blind Stitch Hemmer

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